In 1891 Jamaica put on one of the most spectacular events the Island has ever seen - the International Exhibition. The Exhibition was located on the 'Quebec Lands' at the top of what was then still the 'Race Course'; that location later became the site of the Wolmer's Schools relocated from South Parade after the 1907 Earthquake. I taught at the Wolmer's Girls' School from 1957 to 1991, and developed a keen interest in the Exhibition, which we commemorated by a school exhibition in 1991. In putting on that exhibition I had access to materials that had been long neglected and forgotten. I hope to use this site to make all the Exhibition information and materials available to anyone who may share my enthusiasm for this unique event.

This colourful, but fanciful,
picture of the Exhibition buildings is from the top of a souvenir trinket box, made in France well in advance of the Exhibition's opening. There
was in fact no fountain
of the building, and the tethered balloon (just visible, top right) was an attraction
that failed to materialise.
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